Since November 2016, more than 2700 members of the academic community in Finland have signed tiedonhinta.fi online petition which called for fair pricing for academic journal subscriptions and increased open access in the ongoing negotiation with international publishers. More than two thirds of those who signed the petition were prepared to abstain from editorial and reviewer duties in journals whose publishers are unwilling to meet the demands of the Finnish negotiators. It’s time to stand by that commitment: no deal, no editing and reviews.
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Letter to Tiedonhinta.fi Signatories

Dear Tiedon hinta Statement Signatory,

You have signed the statement at Tiedonhinta.fi, supporting the objectives of the FinElib consortium in its negotiations with major international scholarly publishers. In signing, You have also professed Your willingness to join a boycott against one or more publishers, if necessary.

We, the organisers of the “Tiedon hinta” action, now call upon statement signatories to officially and collectively start the boycott, which many of you have already individually done. The object of the boycott is Elsevier.

In order to create momentum and have impact at a crucial time in the extended negotiations between FinELib and Elsevier, we have created a new website for the boycott: www.nodealnoreview.org. To be as inclusive as possible, we have decided to communicate in English from now on.

Please make Your continued support visible by confirming Your boycott participation and declining requests for free expertise, such as peer review or editorial work for Elsevier journals.

In addition to boycott statement the website provides a template for refusing requests of editorial and review duties. Those who have already declined invites are asked to report on those instances here.

Your public support will make a difference, we assure You. Even though Elsevier is yet to make any meaningful changes in its pricing and openness policies, its representatives have taken notice of the growing resentment among researchers.

Why target only Elsevier?

After Tiedon hinta petition’s launch late 2016, FinElib reached agreements with Francis & Taylor and Sage. Unfortunately, negotiations with Elsevier, Wiley and American Chemical Society did not come to a reasonable conclusion and discussions were prolonged by one year.

While Finnish negotiators have been able to make progress with the other two publishers, Elsevier has continued to profess lack of regard for FinELibs and Finnish research community’s wishes and interests. As it stands, it looks increasingly likely, that with Elsevier 2017 will end like 2016: with no deal.

Please circulate the address of the website among your colleagues home and abroad. 

In order to receive email updates about the negotiations, you can subscribe to our mailing list here: http://eepurl.com/cSPMlT

Tiedon hinta statement and No deal, no review boycott are both coordinated by an independent group of Finnish researchers. Tiedonhinta.fi has received signatures from over 2700 researchers, including many university rectors and academy professors.

For additional inquiries, please contact info [a] tiedonhinta.fi.

On behalf of tiedonhinta.fi and nodealnoreview.org organisers,

Heidi Laine
Contact Person

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