Since November 2016, more than 2700 members of the academic community in Finland have signed tiedonhinta.fi online petition which called for fair pricing for academic journal subscriptions and increased open access in the ongoing negotiation with international publishers. More than two thirds of those who signed the petition were prepared to abstain from editorial and reviewer duties in journals whose publishers are unwilling to meet the demands of the Finnish negotiators. It’s time to stand by that commitment: no deal, no editing and reviews.
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There has been an important development in the negotiations between FinELib and Elsevier. Read more from our blog.


Through this boycott we, the research community, signal strong demand for long-overdue change, wishing to accelerate the ongoing negotiations towards fair terms so that Finnish researchers can uninterruptedly continue to access and publish in Elsevier resources.

Elsevier continues to show disregard for its most valuable resource: the research community and its members. This has become clear during the 2016 and 2017 negotiations on journal subscription prices and conditions of open access.

In Finland, Elsevier has kept returning to the negotiating table with nothing to offer, in terms of sustainable pricing and reasonable open access, thus neglecting the FinELib consortium negotiation goals and the opinion of the Finnish research community (as manifested in the tiedonhinta.fi statement).

In Germany, the negotiations have similarly stalled, resulting in researchers having to go for weeks without access to Elsevier journals, many of the same journals they have published in, reviewed and performed editorial duties for without compensation.

It is evident that the publishing giant is unwilling to meet the European demands on open access. As contract renewal negotiations progress in other countries, we are likely to see new gridlock situations emerge, if calls for fair prices and universal access keep hitting a wall at Elsevier.

We, the members of the research community, need to put a stop to this. Since Elsevier doesn’t want to support our demands for open access, we should stop supporting Elsevier.

No deal should mean no review.

Below, you can do one or several of the following:

  1.  Join the boycott and abstain from all editorial and reviewing requests from Elsevier journals
  2.  Find a template suitable for responding to such requests from Elsevier journals
  3.  Let us know that you have declined a request from Elsevier journal.
  4.  Subscribe to email updates on this boycott campaign


How can I access the literature I need if subscriptions expire?

There are many ways to get your hands on a paper, ranging from contacting the authors to using the #icanhazpdf hashtag on Twitter. One of the easiest solutions is to install Unpaywall, a free browser extension, that tells you if there is an open access version available of the paywalled article that you are interested in. The system scans for papers in more than 5,300 repositories worldwide, including preprint servers and institutional databases. You can download it here: http://unpaywall.org/.

How much are the current subscription costs?

Exact subscription costs are kept secret in most cases, due to confidentiality clauses in contracts. Fortunately at least in some countries this confidentiality has been successfully challenged through freedom of information requests. One of such countries is Finland. In 2015 Finnish research organisations paid a total of 27 million euros in subscription fees. In recent years these costs have risen by as much as ten percent in a single year. Information on costs paid in Finland for 2016 is currently being collected and will be published soon on the government run openscience.fi website.

Why boycott only Elsevier?

Elsevier has consistently proven itself to be the single biggest opponent to open access publishing. For example in Finland, despite tough negotiations, FinELib has been able to strike acceptable deals with Francis & Taylor and Sage and  keep negotiations going in a meaningful way with Wiley and the American Chemical Society. This has not been the case with Elsevier.

How is this boycott different from tiedonhinta.fi?

Tiedonhinta.fi was a statement directed at the Finnish research community. The aims were to inform the research community about the difficult negotiations and the possibility of losing subscription based access to many journals, and to create support for FinELib, so that they would pursue with their ambitious negotiating goals and not give in to an unfair deal under pressure. Tiedonhinta.fi flashed the possibility of a boycott, but didn’t yet pursue it. “No deal, no review” is that boycott put into action. Because of similar struggles in other countries, we wanted to make the boycott open also to people outside Finland. We also felt that in order to challenge Elsevier’s divide and conquer negotiating strategy, an international action would be necessary.

Will I hurt my career by joining the boycott?

Most likely not. Even if you join the boycott you can still publish in Elsevier journals. Articles are chosen for publication based on scholarly content and quality, not authors opinions, so you will be just as likely, or unlikely, to get your article into a high ranking journal as before. However, editorial and reviewer duties are to the merit of a researcher and often mentioned in CV’s, but they weigh far less than publications when making funding or recruiting decisions.

Can I only participate if I work currently in Finland?

You are most welcome to join the boycott, whoever you are and where ever you work, as long as you consider yourself a member or the research community. We feel that affordable and open access to research literature is a matter that affects the whole society, but the boycott aims at mobilizing especially researchers, whose unpaid labor is what the profits of Elsevier are built upon. If you don’t feel like this boycott suits you, but you still want to do something to support it, there are many things that you can do: speak out on social media using the hashtag #nodealnoreview, make your researcher friends aware of the campaign, write a blog, etc. If you are from outside Finland and Elsevier’s subscription fees are not public information in your country, you can perhaps make a freedom of information request, in which case you might want to contact us at info@tiedonhinta.fi to hear about our succesful FOI.

I have already signed Tiedonhinta.fi, why do I have to sign again?

Tiedonhinta.fi was about the possibility of a boycott towards five possible publishers. Since then that list has dwindled to just one name: Elsevier. Also some time has passed since the statement was launched and most of the signatures gathered (November 2016). To show that the Finnish research community stands consistently behind its commitment, we need a renewed show of force and determination.

Join the boycott


I will recuse myself from all editorial and referee duties for all Elsevier journals, until a satisfactory deal has been reached between Elsevier and my country’s / my institutions negotiators.

[your signature]

634 signatures

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First nameLast nameCountry and institution
PekkaJääskeläinenTampere University of Technology
FrankMartelaUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
JarmoJugaUniversity of Helsinki
KimmoTuominenFinland, University of Helsinki
JaakkoHirveläFinland, University of Helsinki
ChristosIoannouUK, University of Bristol
KristiinaReginaNatural Resources Institute Finland
IlonaSteilerFinland, University of Helsinki
MatiasAutioSingapore, GIS
ClaireMorandinUniversity of Helsinki
ElinaSalmelaFinland, University of Helsinki
JanHeckerGermany, Humboldt University of Berlin
RaimoPohjanvirtaFinland; University of Helsinki
HervéElettroChile, Universidad de Santiago de Chile
LydieStaronFrance, Institut D'Alembert
PaoloVannucciUniversity of Versailles, France
MathiasLegrandCanada, McGill University
PavelMokryCzech Republic, Technical University of Liberec
KalleRuokolainenFinland, University of Turku
BirgitSchmookMexico, El Colegio de la Frontera Sur
InkeriKontroFinland, University of Helsinki
GerritGroenhofFinland, University of Jyvaskyla
MagnusHellströmFinland, Åbo Akademi University
JürgenDenglerGermany; University of Bayreuth
PerttiPanulaFinland, University of Helsinki
PekkaOrponenAalto University, Finland
AnneKarppinenFinland, University of Jyväskylä
DavidPerez-SuarezUK - University College London
PekkaHärkönenFinland, Lappeenranta University of Technology
EeroHaapalaFinland, University of Eastern Finland
OtsoOvaskainenUniversity of Helsinki
KaiNorrdahlFinland, University of Turku
LasseMakkonenFinland, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
ArttuJutilaFinland, University of Helsinki
EricTannierFrance, Inria
Francesco MariaSabatiniGermany, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin
FrédéricHéleinFrance, Université Paris Diderot
TuomoAlhojärviFinland, University of Oulu
OulaSilvennoinenFinland, University of Helsinki
AskoLehmuskallioFinland, University of Tampere
TiinaPaloniittyFinland, University of Helsinki
AnouarBelahcenFinland/Aalto University
EmmaTerämäFinland, Finnish Environment Institute
M. J.OrzechUS, SUNY College at Brockport, Brockport, NY
LeenaLindénFinland, University of Helsinki
AiliPyhäläFinland, University of Helsinki
JuhaniPirhonenFinland University of Jyvaskyla
JaakkoKopraFinland, University of Helsinki
TommiKokkonenFinland, University of Helsinki
FabianYáñezChile, Student
JohannaIlmakunnasFinland, University of Turku
EliisaKylkilahtiFinland, University of Helsinki
PierreGuillonFrance, CNRS
MarieFargeFrance, CNRS (Centre National a la Recherche Scientifique)
LiselotteSundströmFinland, University of helsinki
LionelVauxAix-Marseille Univ, France
CamillaBöckelmanUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
GuillemetteChapuisatFrance, Aix-Marseille Université
AnnaRawlingsFinland, University of Helsinki
PierreArnouxFrance, Université d'Aix-Marseille
YannBugeaudFrance, Université de Strasbourg
MariaTuomiFinland, University of Turku
DavidIsraelFinland, University of Helsinki
JohannaJääsaariFinland, University of Helsinki
Jukka-PekkaKeskinenFinland, University of Helsinki
CésarGarciaPortugal. Universidade de Lisboa.
SaijaMerkeFinland, University of Helsinki
CoreyBradshawAustralia, Flinders University
JohanHimbergFinland, Aalto University (alumni)
TimLuotoFinland, freelancer researcher
JuusoTervoAalto University, Finland
SnehaDasFinland, Aalto University
CatherineGranierFrance, Université Grenoble Alpes
AnttiPoikolaFinland Aalto University
EduardoRestrepoColombia, Universidad Javeriana
RiikkaTaavettiFinland, University of Helsinki
OtsoPeräkyläFinland, University of Helsinki
LeenaSalmelaFinland, University of Helsinki
ArtoPesolaUniversity of Jyväskylä, Finland
CorinnaHowlandUniversity of Cambridge, United Kingdom
TerhiMoisalaFinland, University of Jyväskylä
SusanneSuvantoFinland, Natural Resources Institute Finland
RebeccaPointerSouth Africa, WITS university
MirkaHintsanenFinland, University of Oulu
CeliaDíazSPAIN, University Complutense of Madrid
LauraPalmgren-NeuvonenFinland, University of Oulu
ViljaVarhoFinland, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
YrsaNeumanFinland Åbo Akademi University
TorstiSchulzFinland, University of Helsinki
MarjaanaJauholaFinland, University of Helsinki
SirpaTarvainenUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
LutzFromhageFinland, University of Jyvaskyla
LeenaVastapuuFinland, University of Turku
UllaSavolainenUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
AnbuPoosakkannuFinland, University of Jyväskylä
MarkkuÅkerblomFinland, TUT
TainaMeriluotoFinland, University of Jyväskylä
LenaHuldenFinland, University of Helsinki
AapoKahilanienFinland, University of Helsinki
Antti-JuhaniKaijanahoFinland: University of Jyväskylä
ÉliseFéronFinland, Tampere Peace Research Institute
Ari-ElmeriHyvönenFinland, University of Jyväskylä
AnttiHonkelaFinland, University of Helsinki
juhapekkanenFinland, University of Helsinki
IainDavidsonUniversity of New England, Australia
JuanGalarzaFinalnd. University of Jyvaskyla
AnnickWibbenUSA, University of San Francisco
NikoPyrhönenFinland, University of Helsinki
ChristelGeissFinland, University of Jyväskylä
JoelDapelloMIT, USA
MailiMalinFinland migrant institute of finland
JenniHokkaFinland, University of Tampere
SuviViranta-kovanenFinland University of Helsinki
Salla-MaariaLaaksonenFinland, University of Helsinki
PiiaNaukkarinenFinland, University of Helsinki
SaraNorjaFinland, University of Turku
MariaRuuskaFinland, Kaskas Media
KingaPolynczuk-AleniusFinland, University of Helsinki
SamuliKaislaniemiFinland, University of Helsinki
MikkoVirtanenFinland, University of Helsinki
AnttiLahertoFinland, University of Helsinki
IlpoHelénFinland, University of Eastern Finland
MeriKytöFinland, Univeristy of Tampere
SusannaMäkinenFinland, University of Turku
ErkkiThunebergFinland, University of Oulu
PäiviRausteFinland, CSC
OlliLampinen-EnqvistFinland, University of Helsinki
LarsKaislaniemiFinland, University of Helsinki
TomasLindénFinland, HIP
RakshithShettyGermany, Max Planck Institute of Informatics
MinnaKaarakainenFinland, University of Helsinki
TeemuKarlssonFinland, Geological Survey of Finland GTK
Laura SLauriFinland, GTK
NooraOttmanSweden, Karolinska Institutet
TereVadenFinland, University of tampere
LauriPiispaFinland, University of Turku
JariSyvärantaFinland, University of Eastern Finland
KajAhlsvedÅbo Akademi, Finland
MerjaEloFinland, University of Jyväskylä
JussiHeinonenFinland, University of Helsinki
KaarinaKilpiöFinland, University of the Arts Helsinki
DitteTaipaleFinland, University of Helsinki
JuhoKaitajärvi-TieksoUniversity of Tampere, Finland
AnniArponenFinland, University of Helsinki
RiittaSavolainenFinland, University of Helsinki
JuhoKopraFinland, University of Jyväskylä
AuraNortomaaUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
JohannesEnrothFinland, University of Helsinki
MariSiiroinenFinland, University of Helsinki
TeemuPeltonenFinland, University of Jyväskylä
RistoKalliolaFinland, University of Turku
HermanniAaltonenFinnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
JanneAlahuhtaFinland, university of Oulu
AdrianGoldmanFinland, University of Helsinki
JarnoYltävätampere TAMK
TommiHimbergFinland, Aalto University
TuomasTammistoFinland, University of Helsinki
KarineGagnonFinland, Åbo Akademi University
YannSalmonUniversity of Helsinki
AnnaLintunenFinland, University of Helsinki
AriKorhonenAalto University, Finland
ArturoGarcía-HorsmanFinland, University of Helsinki
EsaPitkänenGermany, European Molecular Biology Laboratory
TeeaKortetmäkiFinland, University of Jyvaskyla
DiegoPavón JordánFinland, Finnish Museum of Natural History
MarttiNissinenFinland, University of Helsinki
MarjaKokkonenFinland, University of Jyväskylä
UnniLeinoUniversity of Tampere, Finland
KristerLindénFinland, University of Helsinki
KariVepsäläinenFinland, University of Helsinki
LauriOksanenNorway, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway and Finland University of Turku
JariHämäläinenFinland, Lappeenranta University of Technology
LeeviTuikkaFinland, University of Helsinki
AnnaSalomaaUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
JoonaHavukainenFinland, Helsinki Institute of Physics
JoelRöntynenUSA, Princeton University
ElinaNumminenFinland, University of Helsinki
LionelTafforeauUniversity of Mons, Belgium
LeifSchulmanFinland, University of Helsinki
TuomasAiveloSwitzerland, University of Zürich
IirisHovattaUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
PhillipGienappFinland, University of Helsinki and Netherlands, NIOO-KNAW
ElinaPalmgrenFinland, University of Helsinki
AndersSirénFinland, University of Helsinki
NooraAlasuutariFinland, University of Helsinki
MikkoSaloFinland, University of Jyväskylä
KatjaValaskiviUniversity of Tampere, Finland
OsmaSuominenNational Library of Finland, Finland
FredSaarinenFinland, University of Turku
MikkoPoutanenFinland, University of Tampere
PatrickBastienFrance, University of Montpellier
Syed AshrafulAlamFinland, University of Helsinki
VirginieRougeronFrance, CNRS
EricLe TortorecUniversity of Jyväskylä, Finland
SophieDelerue-RicardBelgium, University of Leuven
MikkoRäkköläinenFinland, University of Tampere
PaavoNieminenFinland, University of Jyväskylä
RalfEggelingUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
SallaKangasFinland, University of Oulu
AnuKoivunenFinland, University of Helsinki
EiniNieminenFinland, University of Jyväskylä
JaanaHallamaaFinland, University of Helsinki
SannaOlkkonenFinland, University of Jyväskylä
pomponjulienIRD, France
XochtilCORMONIHF Hamburg University Germany
MaisaMartinUniversity of Jyväskylä, Finland
IstvánHeilerFinland, Finnish Meteorological Institute
LaurenceDespresFrance, UGA
FranckGUYFrance, CNRS
IreneYlönenFinland, University of Jyväskylä
ArtoKlamiFinland, University of Helsinki
SuleimanKhanFinland, University of Helsinki
FrancescoMontanariFinland, University of Helsinki
PhilippeForêtNazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
AnuLahtinenFinland, University of Helsinki
StephanDudeckFinland, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
IrynaHerzonFinland, Uni of Helsinki
JariValkamaFinland, University of Helsinki
MikkoPeltolaUniversity of Tampere, Finland
TiinaKäkelä-PuumalaFinland, University of Helsinki
SamuelAlizonFrance, CNRS
OlliKärkkäinenFinland, University of Eastern Finland
Jessicade BloomFinland, University of Tamoere
AbelSouriauDepartment of Ecology, Charles University in Prague
PäiviRannilaFinland, University of Turku
ThomasCondamineUniversité Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, FRANCE
MikkoJoronenUniversity of Tampere
VilleKiviojaFinland, University of Jyväskylä
MiguelBordallo LópezFinland, University of Oulu
MikaelEhnFinland, University of Helsinki
AnttiSaariFinland University of Tampere
PatrickSpeisseggerCanada, McMaster University
StefaniaPasseraFinland, Aalto University
HennaFabritiusSveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Sverige
HeikkiPatomäkiFinland, University of Helsinki
VirvePeteriFinland, University of Tampere
AuraPyykönenFinland, University of Helsinki
Gunnar ÓlafurHanssonUniversity of British Columbia, Canada
CoryWrightCalifornia State University Long Beach
JohnWilkinsAustralia; University of Melbourne
StephenEglenUK, University of Cambridge
BrianHoleUnited Kingdom, University College London
AnttiKarttunenFinland, Aalto University
KeijoHämäläinenFinland, University of Helsinki
SamuliBjörninenFinland/University of Tampere
BenjaminCowleyFinland, University of Helsinki
Karl-ErikSveibyDept of Management and Organisation
TommiTenkanenUnited Kingdom
SamiYli-KarjanmaaUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
VilleRantanenFinland, Tampere University of Technology/University of Tampere
TimoLaaksonenFinland, Tampere University of Technology
JoukoLindstedtFinland, University of Helsinki
MikaSilvennoinenFinland, University of Jyväskylä
UllaHyttiFinland, University of Turku
JenniferKayUSA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
VicenteSedanoWageningen UR The Netherlands
JohannaLiljaFinland, Ph.D. Information studies
SirpaWredeFinland, University of Helsinki
EricCoataneaFinland, Tampere University of Technology
VilleHarjunenFinland, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Aalto University
AdamBorchÅbo Akademi, Finland
HannaTuomistoFinland, University of Turku
TheoKurténFinland, University of Helsinki
MaximMakartsevRussia, Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
SvetlanaVetchinnikovaUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
RobertJäschkeL3S Research Center, Germany
ReijoSundUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
AnnaHaapalainenFinland, University of Turku
EnricoDi MininHelsinki
Jari-MattiKuuselaFinland, University of Oulu
VilleKeiskiFinlandu, University of Jyväskylä
OutiMerisaloFinland, U of Jyväskylä
JenniMäenpääFinland, University of Tampere
MatthewJamesUniversity of Tampere
Hannu IHeikkinenFinland University of Oulu
Antti-IlariPartanenCanada, Concordia University / Finland, Finnish Meteorological Institute
MariaMäkeläUniversity of Tampere, Finland
ErikLitoniusFinland, University of Helsinki
KatarinaLeppänenSweden, Gothenburg University
ElinaLateUniversity of Tampere
JaanaVuoriFinland, University of Eastern Finland
ChrisHartgerinkTilburg University, NLD
DanbeeKimUnited Kingdom, Sainsbury Wellcome Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior
JacobMickelssonFinland, Hanken School of Economics
SyksyRäsänenFinland, University of Helsinki
AleksiKallioFinland, CSC
SaanaSvärdFinland, University of Helsinki
SakariLahtiTampere University of Technology, Finland
SannaMäkiFinland, University of Turku
FilipGinterFinland, University of Turku
Vesa-MattiHiltunenUniversity of Jyväskylä Finland
NicolaTuveriFinland, Tampere University of Technology
Ann-CharlottePalmgrenFinland, Åbo Akademi University
CesarPereida GarciaFinland, Tampere University of Technology
JohanStrangFinland, University of Helsinki
VinodhIlangovanGermany, Max Planck Society
JussiMalilaUniversity of Oulu, Finland
AnnikaLillrankFinland, university of Helsinki
KonstaSärkimäkiAalto University, Finland
MarkoNieminenCanada, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario; Finland, University of Helsinki
OlliWilkmanFinnish Geospatial Research Institute, Finland
PlinioCasarottoUniversity of Helsinki
PatrikHagmanFinland, Åbo Akademi
SomakChowdhuryGermany Mpi for Biogeochemistry
AaroSahariFinland University of Helsinki
OlliSerimaaFinland, CSC
KeijoKajantieFinland, Helsinki Institute of Physics
JonniLehtirantaFinnish Meteorology Institute
AlexandruTomescuFinland, University of Helsinki
MarttiTolvanenUniversity of Turku, Finland
InkeriKoskinenFinland, University of Helsinki
JemimaRepoNewcastle University, UK
TarjaMäkinenFinland, University of Helsinki
HeliKaatrakoskiFinland, Open University, University of Helsinki
AriLöytynojaFinland, University of Helsinki
KariEnqvistFinland, University of Helsinki
PaulVan AerschotFinland, University of Helsinki
FrankBerningerUniversity of Helsinki
StefanWernerFinland, University of Eastern Finland
JaakkoLehtinenFinland, Aalto University
EemeliTombergFinland, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics
KalleKytöläFinland, Aalto University
MattiMiestamoFinland, University of Helsinki
OssiRahkonenFinland, University of Helsinki
JaanaBäckFinland, University of Helsinki
HugoStrandbergÅbo Akademi University, Finland
PanuRaatikainenFinland, University of Tampere
SaraNegriFinland, University of Helsinki
JaanaParviainenFinland and University of Tampere
MikeTaylorUniversity of Bristol, UK
ArildHusbyFinland, Helsinki University
MarttiKauranenFinland, Tampere University of Technology
VuokkoHeikinheimoFinland, University of Helsinki
SannaLehtonenFinland, University of Jyväskylä
MerjaPolvinenFinland, University of Helsinki
MattiLaineFinland, Åbo Akademi University
Juho-ErikWilskmanFinland, University o f Helsinki
LaurentGattoUniversity of Cambridge, UK
QuanZhouFinland, Aalto University
PashupatiMishraFinland, University of tampere
LeoLahtiFinland, University of Turku
HALILGURHANLIFinland, University of Helsinki
JaniSinokkiFinland, University of Turku
DerekFewsterFinland, University of Helsinki
JohannaLeppäläUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
EliisaKekäläinenUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
HannuLahtinenUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
PetriToronenFinnland, Institute of Biotechnology
Hanna-IlonaHärmävaaraUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
FlorenciaQUESADAFinland, University of Helsinki
JoonasVirtasaloFinland, Geological Survey of Finland
MarkusMiettinenGermany, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
PekkaKaitaniemiFinland, University of Helsinki
RistoNiemi-PynttäriFinland, University of Jyväskylä
HarriWaltariFinland, University of Helsinki
LiisaLaaksoUniversity of Tampere, Finland
TommiBranderFinland, University of Jyväskylä
TimoSaloviitaFinland, University of Jyvaskyla
LisaMuszynskiFinland / University of Helsinki
JonneArjorantaFinland, University of Jyväskylä
KariMikkonenHäme University of Applied Sciences, Finland
TaarnaValtonenFinland, Giellagas Institute for Saami Studies
JaakkoKoskeloEcole Polytechnique, France
MikaelGranvikUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
JenniErvastiFinland, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
MariaLassén-SegerFinland, Åbo akademi University
SusannaNykyriFinland, Helsinki University Library
MinnaPalmrothFI, University of Helsinki
JohannaÄrjeFinland, University of Jyväskylä
JohannaEklundFinland, University of Helsinki
AriAsmiFinland, University of Helsinki
HenrikkiTenkanenUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
MaxWahlströmFinland, University of Helsinki
VilleTenhunenFinland, University of Helsinki
JukkaRantalaFinland, University of Helsinki
CamillaKronqvistFinland, Åbo Akademi University
LindaAnnalaFinland, Hanken School of Economics
SamuliJunttilaFinland, University of Helsinki
StefanBaumeisterUniversity of Jyväskylä, School of Business and Economics, Jyväskylä, Finland
ArttuMiettinenUniversity of Jyväskylä, Finland
AlbertPorcar CastellUniversity of Helsinki, FINLAND
MikaelKurulaFinland, Åbo Akademi
TorbjörnBjörkmanÅbo Akademi, Finland
JyrkiJauhiainenFinland, University of Helsinki
AndreyIlinovUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
ElliKoskelaFinland, University of Helsinki
MarkusHamunenFinland, University of Helsinki
MatsSjöbergFinland, University of Helsinki
JuhanaRantavuoriFinland, University of Helsinki
MikkoKaasalainenFinland, TUT
Henrik SerupChristensenÅbo Akademi University, Finland
LauriTurpeinenFinland, University of Helsinki
MariaSalonenFinland, University of Helsinki
artolaitinenUniversity of Tampere, Finland
TiinaPääkkönenFinland/University of Oulu
KonstaHapponenUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
JoonaLehtomäkiThe Netherlands, VU Amsterdam
CorinaLoganUnited Kingdom, University of Cambridge
Olli O.SilvennoinenFinland, University of Helsinki, Department of Modern Languages
JouniHelskeFinland, University of Jyväskylä
JessicaParland-von EssenFinland. Unversity of Helsinki
MarjoKuronenFinland, University of Jyvaskyla
MikhailKopotevUniversity of Helsinki
ZalanRajnaFinland, University of Oulu
IivariPietikäinenFinland, University of Oulu
PilvariPirtolaFinland, Academy of Fine Arts
TommiKutilainenFinland, CSC
MikkoNärhiFinland, Tampere University of Technology
MikkoTolonenFinland, University of Helsinki
IreneRämäFinland, University of Helsinki
Eeva-LiisaEskelinenFinland, University of Helsinki
SamiLaineUniversity of Oulu, Finland
KimHolmbergUniversity of Turku, Finland
TuuliToivonrnUniversity of Helsinki, Helsinki
JanneHukkanenOulu University Hospital
JuhaKarvanenUniversity of Jyväskylä, Finland
TeemuRoosUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
MikaelLaaksoHanken School of Economics, Finland
ReimaVälimäkiFinland, University of Turku
TarmoKetolaFinland, University of Jyväskylä
KariRummukainenUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
KarinaLukinFinland, University of Helsinki
LassiLinnanenLappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
KirstiSalmi-NiklanderFInland, University of Helsinki
JacquelineJerneyFinland, University of Helsinki
TeppoJakonenFinland, University of Jyväskylä
LauraHelleFinland, University of Turku
PanuHalmeUniversity of Jyväskylä, Finland
JukkaKuvaFinland, Geological Survey of Finland GTK
HeidiLaineFinland, University of Helsinki

Response template for editorial and reviewer invitations

Here, we provide a template for responding the invitations for editorial and reviewer tasks for journals that you wish to boycott. It is important also to let editors, most of whom are unpaid professional scientists, know why you are boycotting their journal. Please feel free to modify the template to suit your needs.

Thank you for your invitation to [review a manuscript / act as an editor] for XXXX. I am declining the invitation to support the No deal, no review boycott of Elsevier.

During the 2016 and 2017 subscription deal renewal negotiations Elsevier has shown disregard for its most valuable resource, the research community, by refusing to offer sustainable prices and open access for its journals.

I am worried that we will continue to see unfair deals being offered and negotiations in gridlock, as new renewal talks get underway all over the world.  

This needs to stop.

Until a fair deal is reached between [country/negotiating party] and Elsevier, I will decline from all requests by Elsevier journals.

More information: nodealnoreview.org

With kind regards,


Let us know you declined a request

Here you can let us know that you have declined either editorial or reviewer requests for an Elsevier journal. Why? Because while it is important to show your support by joining the boycott, it is equally important to be able to quantify how many requests have been declined, in Finland and elsewhere. Over time, we will be able to demonstrate the effect of the boycott more tangibly.


Updates on situation in Finland

Negotiations and deals in other countries