Since November 2016, more than 2700 members of the academic community in Finland have signed tiedonhinta.fi online petition which called for fair pricing for academic journal subscriptions and increased open access in the ongoing negotiation with international publishers. More than two thirds of those who signed the petition were prepared to abstain from editorial and reviewer duties in journals whose publishers are unwilling to meet the demands of the Finnish negotiators. It’s time to stand by that commitment: no deal, no editing and reviews.
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Divide and conquer: Elsevier approaches Finnish academic institutions and individual researchers

FinELib told in their recent news release about Elsevier approaching individual Finnish researchers and academic organizations with a letter stating their perspective on the ongoing, difficult negotiations between FinELib and the publishing giant. While FinELib answered Elsevier’s claims in the release, the letter itself wasn’t published. We felt that for the sake of transparency and […]

Elsevier kahmii kolmanneksen tilausmaksuista – Tutkijoiden boikotti kustannusjättiä vastaan käynnistyi

Tiedonhinta.fi-kannanoton laatijat kehottavat tutkijoita kieltäytymään toistaiseksi vertaisarviointi- ja toimitustehtävistä tiedekustantaja Elsevierin julkaisusarjoissa. Boikottiin voi liittyä osoitteessa www.nodealnoreview.org. Elsevier on vaikutusvaltaisin tiedekustantaja ja siten avainasemassa avoimuuden ja hintojen kohtuullistamisen näkökulmasta. Vuonna 2016 Elsevier keräsi suomalaisten tiedekirjastojen maksamista tilausmaksuista lähes kolmasosan, eli noin 10 miljoonaa euroa. Kaikkiaan pääsystä sähköisiin tiedelehtiin maksettiin viime vuonna 35 miljoonaa euroa. Aiheesta […]

Letter to Tiedonhinta.fi Signatories

Dear Tiedon hinta Statement Signatory, You have signed the statement at Tiedonhinta.fi, supporting the objectives of the FinElib consortium in its negotiations with major international scholarly publishers. In signing, You have also professed Your willingness to join a boycott against one or more publishers, if necessary. We, the organisers of the “Tiedon hinta” action, now […]

No deal, no review – Finnish researchers launch boycott against Elsevier

The group behind Tiedonhinta.fi statement urges researchers to refrain from peer review and editorial duties for journals owned by publishing giant Elsevier. The boycott is launched on a new website nodealnoreview.org. The site welcomes also signatures from international colleagues all around the world, who are worried about cost of and access to research literature in […]